Kayaking Smithville Lake, Missouri

After waiting for what seemed like forever for the end of winer, a bit of very warm weather blew through on just the right day.  I was hosting an event for our local kayaking a group at Smithville lake in Missouri and the weather couldn't have been better for getting out on the water. 

My incredibly cheap kayak held up through all the trips last summer and being stashed on it's end in my garage all winter, which surprised me a little bit.  So I grabbed all my gear for a day trip and headed out to one of my favorite area lakes. 

Why do I love Smithville Lake? To start the lake is huge. There are miles and miles of shoreline to paddle along and quiet coves to explore.  They have conservation and wildlife areas to paddle through and beaches to stop at for a swim. I'll never get bored here. I camp quite often there and in my experience the campgrounds are always clean with grassy, soft ground that's easy to pitch a tent in, and the lake views from the majority of the sites can't be beat. Most importantly, there are several excellent spots to drop in the kayak for a day of paddling.  Oh, and the showers are always clean with lots of hot water, something I really appreciate.

Here is a bit of info on Smithville Lake: 

Smithville Lake is a 7,190-acre (29 km2) reservoir on the Little Platte branch of the Platte River in Clay County, Missouri near Smithville. It provides the water supply for Smithville, Missouri and Plattsburg, Missouri. Kansas City, Missouri has reserved a portion for its water supply.
The lake was built and is administered by the Kansas City office of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (which includes all of Missouri and Kansas, as well as small portions of Nebraska and Iowa) primarily for flood control. The lake is 10th largest of Corps lakes in the district, but third in terms of shoreline. It has 5,000 acres (20 km2) of public land and 175 miles (282 km) of shoreline.

I am looking forward to my next trip on the Little Niangua River in the Ozarks region of Missouri.  I still can't decide if I like kayaking lakes or rivers better.  The Midwest has such an abundance of both and they are all so amazing it's hard to decide. 

A little blurry but I think you can tell I was happy to hit the water!

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