Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery and The Crimson Cabernet

I am really starting to love Kansas wines as much as I love my Missouri wines.  It was no surprise that I loved a special wine that was completely new to me at Somerset Ridge in Kansas.  My Paddle KC kayaking group had taken a trip at a nearby lake and so we made the rounds of the local wineries while we were there,  

The winery itself is very pretty, and often quite crowded.  We strolled around the vineyard and checked out the wine making process in the sheds.  But back to that Crimson Cabernet.  It was bottled by Somerset for the first time in 2010 and immediately began winning over the masses.  Somerset Ridge was the first winery in the world to commercially produce wine from Crimson Cabernet.
That first wine,the 2010 vintage, won a Medal of Excellence (gold medal) from the Jefferson Cup Invitational wine competition last year.  The wine is lovely, with terrific dark fruit and cedar characteristics.

For me, it was the immediate flavor of blackberries, paired with another favorite flavor of mine, black currants, that sold me on it right away.  It has a full flavor without being too dry, and has a beautiful color and aroma to it.  

The group had also picked up two of the wineries best sellers, the Flyboy Red and the Buffalo Red.  I enjoyed them both very much at our impromptu tasting we had at our table after they bought so many different types of their wines. 
Check out Somerset Winery HERE! 

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