End of Summer Tomato Harvest and Recipes

I was very happy that, for once, my tomatoes made it this long into the summer.  I have never had success keeping  them growing all summer.  It always happens that I'll take some kind of summer trip and inevitably the heat gets to them and they burn up from lack of water.  This year I used my brain and asked folks to come water them for me.  

I picked a ton! These are the little tiny tomatoes.  I like them because they are great to use in salads and pastas.  They keep a nice firm skin and have a slightly sweet taste.  I made two dishes with the tomatoes I had picked.  Check out the super simple recipes below.  

My Harvest! 

Broccoli & Tomato Pasta

Chopped Baby Tomatoes 1 cup
Chopped Broccoli 1 cup
Cooked Angel Hair Pasta 2 cups
2-3 tbsp of Olive Oil
Fresh or Dried Basil to Taste
Gorgonzola Cheese & Mozzarella Cheese 1/4 cup each

In saute pan add oil and heat to medium
Add vegetables and saute until just starting to soften
Place hot pasta on plate, top with the cheese
Pour vegetables from saute pan on top of the cheese and toss lightly
It's really that easy! 

Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Salad

Honestly, this one doesn't need a recipe.  All ingredients
can be added to taste.  I prefer more tomatoes than cheese, 
but you might like more cheese, so go for it! I top mine with a basil-oregano combo and 
toss it in a light red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing. 
Again, it really is that easy! 

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