Want to Record Your Road Trip Travel in a Diary?

Do you bring your road trip travel journal with you on every trip? Or, do you only use it only for big excursions? If you use it solely for big vacations, you may be missing a golden opportunity...the chance to create a legacy by capturing some of those often overlooked or unexpected moments.

Why would you put ordinary road trip travel experiences in your journal? For three reasons:

1) If you are like most people, the details of our lives slip away. If we can't recall the big trips, how are we going to remember the small ones?

2) Think about what a rich history you would have if you wrote down a few highlights of every trip you ever took.

3) Sometimes run of the mill trips turn into amazing adventures.

The moment you begin recording the details of your travel, you set the tone. You may notice things in a new way, inviting the ordinary to be extraordinary.

The highlights in your travel journal can be little things, like something that amused or impressed you. Lists are an easy way to write in your journal. Enter who you saw, what you ate, what you did. Write about the weather, what you saw, or the book you read. Your mind will fill in the memory.

Start your road trip journal before you leave the house. "Off to Uncle Ralph's house for Thanksgiving." Date it and that's all you have to enter. You have already recorded the most important details - where and when. Later you can add as little or as much as you want. With just a few words, you are living it, capturing it and keeping it forever. Now that you realize you can unhook the leash that has been holding you back from using a journal to capture your travel memories, you are ready to find one that suits your style.

I personally use NomadsNotes for my travel journal.  I found it to be easy to use, has lots of options I may never have thought of and it allows me to share my journey in multiple ways.

Basically,  NomadsNotes is a software program designed to keep a comprehensive record of each trip in an easy to use format. I think it is one of the best travel journals out there.  Annotate every aspect of a trip and then its a simple process to easily compare trips. Reports are numerous and easily retrieved...each trip report can be exported into a PDF format to share trip with others, and you can keep track of your travel photos.

Here are the features I like and use:

1. Daily Journal...Record aspects of each trip separately. Includes a spell checker in 4 different English language dictionaries...US, UK, Australian and Canadian.

2. Photo Album...Photos can be arranged in separate albums and searched for by date or location.

3. Campground Record...Has a section for details of campgrounds along the way, including location, cost, features, pet details and GPS points.

4. Fuel Consumption...Monitor fuel consumption for multiple vehicles, i.e. car, van, motorhome, toad, or tow vehicle, and keep track of costs by purchase and total volume per vehicle.

5. Expenses...Keeps track of expenses, divided into categories you choose.

6. Contact Record...Record info for people met along the way...names, email address, phone number, website address, and more.

7. Vehicle Details and Maintenance Records...Keep details for multiple vehicles in one convenient place...parts, labor, oil types, capacities, insurance policy details, when next maintenance is due.

8. TV and Radio Stations...Keep track of station names and locations for the next visit to the same area.

If you are living the RV/Camping/Road Trip lifestyle,  or just keep track of weekend trips or vacations, and want a record of your wanderings, then NomadsNotes could be a useful tool. I highly recommend it, it's been a great way for me to look back on some of my favorite road trips.

I'll be using it to track this summer's road trip adventures and travels, especially when we head to Oregon!   You can follow us on our trip here!

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