The Adult Coloring Book Day Party (and a few printable coloring pages for you!)

I finally got to host my adult coloring book party this past weekend.  I had been wanting to do it for months, but finally found a Sunday when most of my friends were free to come color with me.  I ended up with 17 guests, and we colored multiple coloring book pages.  

I had spent the last couple of weeks shopping for coloring books and searching free printable coloring pages online. It seems some of the books can be pretty expensive, but we have a bookstore here in Kansas City called Half Price Books and that is where I found my adult coloring books for very good prices.  I also found several good websites  that let you print off coloring sheets for free.  Check out the links to these below. 

I had planned this as a cold weather "something to do" day, but our weather here was closer to 55 degrees. I wanted to serve a hot drink so I did bourbon apple ciders in a crock pot, but since it was warm I put out several bottles of wine as well.  I put together a few appetizers, most notably a pineapple-ham-cheese snack that has a delicious spicy tropical dip with it. My wonderful friends also brought yummy treats as well to share with everyone.  

As you can see, I have some pretty talented friends!  It was wonderful to sit over drinks and work on the coloring book pages while we chatted. Lots of laughs were had.  I loved that everyone was supportive of everyone else's efforts.  No one did a bad job as it was all for fun. 
One of my friends brought along her dirty word adult coloring book pages which were a bit too spicy to post here, but suffice to say those had us laughing as well.   

I searched the local thrift stores for crayons, pencils, and markers, and was thrilled to find several boxes of crayons barely used for 50 cents.  I had a set of fairly decent markers, but some of my friends who also color brought  gel pens, some metallic, in ever color of the rainbow.  I spread out all of the pages I had pulled from the books and and the printable coloring book pages onto the tables so as they came in they could start choosing their own pages.   

I am not one to jump on any fad, but the rising popularity of adult coloring books and pages couldn't be ignored.  There is something to the fact that it's good for adults.  I like coloring alone because it helps me to get my creative juices flowing, it helps my concentration and it is very relaxing.   When I colored this weekend with the group, it was a great way to connect with my creative friends, relax and laugh an afternoon away, and create some pretty nice pieces of coloring book artwork! 

Get Your Free Printable Coloring Book Pages

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