Easy to Make Winter Bird Treats

I get bored...and I like to make stuff! 

Because winter is here in Kansas City and the cold has arrived,  many of us are thinking  of our outdoor animal friends at this time of year. We have several types of birds that hang around this part of the Midwest during the cold winter months, and they sure love a helping hand from us humans when the temps drop. Whether you're an avid bird lover or not, (I would not call myself "avid", but I do love the birds!)  it's still fun to create and set out treats for them at this time of year.

Here are a few of the bird treats I make in winter.  I usually place them on the tree near the deck, so my cat can watch the birds.  It's her favorite hobby! 

Bagel and corn treats are easy to make and a favorite of many birds. You will need plain bagels, of course, but also collect honey or peanut butter, birdseed, ears of corn, wire and yarn for the project. Have scissors handy, a slicing knife, and paper to lie out underneath your project.
Slice the bagel in half. Apply the peanut butter or honey to the cut side of the bagel and sprinkle with bird seed. Take the corn cobs and snap them in half. Wrap the wire around the top of the cob, and create a loop for hanging. Repeat the same thing on the bottom of the cob, leaving a loop on the bottom to hang the bagel from.
Use the yarn to loop through the bagel, and again through the wire on the bottom of the corn cob. The bagel is now hanging below the corn cob, and is ready to be attached to a tree. Using yarn is an additional treat for the birds! When spring comes, they will use the yarn to make their nests.

Apple treats are also well liked by winter birds. You will need apples of any kind, along with a shallow plastic dish, granola, and honey. Chop the apple, cover with honey and the granola, and stir. Press the mixture into the shallow dish and you're done! The dish can be set out on a tree stump for the birds to enjoy.

Cereal garlands are another simple treat to make for the birds. Gather dry cereal like Cheerios, yarn, wire and a sewing needle. Simply thread the Yarn through the cereal hole and tie off the ends. Either the wire or the yarn can be used to hang the cereal garland to the tree.
The birds in your neighborhood will enjoy the needed food during the cold winter months!
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