Winery Visit to KC Wine Co. in Olathe, Kansas

On a recent Sunday afternoon a few friends and I found ourselves at KC Wine Co. enjoying a nice tasting and good treats to eat.  This winery is just 30 minutes from me and the Kansas City area, making it very easy to get out there to enjoy all they had to offer. 

Our tasting was enhanced by the terrific, and enthusiastic, wine ambassadors who did a great pour for us and had quite a bit of knowledge about the wines and history of the winery. I looked forward, as usual, to trying out the reds.  I was surprised by how well I enjoyed the whites they offered because I normally favor reds over all.  I ended up purchasing a bottle the Norton, which was wonderful.  However, I was disappointed in the Chambourcin, an all time favorite of mine, because it seemed the alcohol taste overpowered the fruit of the grapes.  The Norton was perfect with a plate of cheeses, sausages, and different salsas that are made locally in the Kansas City area.  

The vineyards were lovely.  When we visited, many of the vines were wrapped in webbing to protect the almost ready to harvest grapes from birds, who will clean the vines rather quickly if they aren't careful. 

They have a pretty outdoor area, with a large outdoor chess game, bocce ball, bowling games, picnic tables, live music and more. Inside there are tables and the tasting bar.  The room is large and available for private parties.  It was a lot of fun for us girls, and we would definitely go back.  Check out the link here if you are interested in visiting KC Wine Co. 

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