Winery Trail Trip to Van Till Farms Winery

One of the larger social groups I belong to made a recent road trip out to the wineries to kick off the wine trail season, and this time we chose Van Till Farms.  Wine tasting tours are a great way to see the vineyards and the wine making process up close. The property was beautiful and the service was great, and we had several good friends along for the trip which made the tasting even more interesting.  Despite the day being gray and windy, we had an excellent time.  

Van Till Farms is part of the Great Northwest Wine Trail in Missouri.  This trail also includes several of my other favorites such as Pirtle Winery and Riverwood Winery. 

Van Till Farms vineyard is planted with  seven different French and American Hybrids that are ideally suited to make wonderful wines from the Missouri hills. They create unique varietal wines from a sweet Concord to a dry Chambourcin or Norton, and in between with Chardonel, Niagra, Edelweiss and Vignoles.

The Tasting Room

Van Till Family Farm Winery' features a patio/sunroom that has become the place to be on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons for people from all over the region. The recently completed wood fired oven on the heated patio bakes yummy gourmet pizzas, which we most definitely had to try.   The Meat Lovers pizza was perfect, while the Pesto pizza was a favorite of my friend. Van Till Farms is kind enough to suggest the perfect wine with the different pizzas.  Our choice of the Norton was a good one.  The Norton here had all the traditional red wine flavor one would expect, but it also had a brightness about it that worked well with the food.

The brick pizza oven
The tasting went well, with a nice variety of all the wines they make.  I bought a bottle of the Edelwiess to share with friends.  Normally I would have jumped on the Norton, but I thought I'd take home something a little different this time.  The Vignoles was a close second because this particular one was just the right amount of sweetness and had a summery citrus-y flavor.   

We had a good time trying several of the wines and our servers were very knowledgeable. The attached gift shop had all the goodies we needed to enjoy some wine on the patio after the tasting, so we headed over to the tented sun room for wine and socializing.  We also got a chance to walk out to the vineyard and tour the outdoor garden area, which features an old adobe wall.  This was one of the better wine tasting tours I have been on in Missouri! 

Enjoying my wine outside at the garden wall. 

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