A Craft Beer Bottle Share and BBQ

I belong to this great group, Beer Tasting Kansas City, that shares local and nationwide beers on a webpage and also sets up some pretty fun events.  This year they headed up to Smithville Lake in Missouri for a beer and bottle share that included camping and some great bbq food! 

As you can see from the picture above, we had a lot to choose from, and this picture only shows about 1/3 of what everyone brought.  A few favorites stood out for me, however. 

I am really into the sours lately, and this black sour ale by Anchorage Brewing was one of the best at the bottle share. I also "loved" the Love Child No. 5, although at nearly 20 bucks a bottle it's a bit too pricy for me too enjoy on any regular basis.  

Founders KBS is always a favorite. It's pretty popular here in Missouri, and talked about quite often in our circle of beer drinking friends. 

The food was perfectly paired for beer tasting, with grilled meats and good bbq sauces from the Kansas City area.  People stopped by throughout the day for games, beer tasting and good chow. This event will be repeated next year, I'm sure, because the turnout and participation was great and fun was had by all.  

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