Easy Valentines' Day Craft Projects: Sweetheart Candy Wreath

This easy craft makes a great classroom project for kids that's easy to do at home with the family as well. The Sweetheart Candy Wreath requires a few, simple to find items, and very little of your time. This project is also inexpensive to make! Adding photos of your favorite Valentines' creates a keepsake Valentine's Day gift everyone will love!

Purchase candy hearts in large and small sizes, and a Styrofoam wreath. These are found at any craft store. Look for the wreath in a heart shape, however, a circle wreath will do nicely. Find a wide red ribbon in any style and pattern you prefer, purchasing enough to wrap the particular size wreath you are using. You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks. Be creative and gather various fabric and paper scraps that work with the Valentines' Day theme of the wreath. Have handy a box of straight pins. You're now ready to begin!

Plug in the glue gun and lay out your supplies. Use a straight pin to secure the beginning of the ribbon to the wreath and begin wrapping. Wrap in sections, gluing the ribbon in sections as you go. When the entire wreath is wrapped, set aside to dry.
Next, decide where you would like the candy hearts on your wreath. I prefer to glue them in clusters, even stacking them a bit, with each cluster of candy a few inches apart. The candy will need a few minutes to dry as well.

To finish the project, tie a piece of the ribbon in a bow for a hanger around the top of the wreath. The Sweetheart Candy Wreath makes a special Valentines' Day gift for anyone!
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