Hiking the Minor Park Trails in Kansas City

I probably picked the best November day ever in history to go hiking at Minor Park in south Kansas City this past weekend.  Sixty degree weather and lots of sunshine made the day perfect.  The trail was smooth with great views of the Blue River.  I am  missing camping out and fishing now that it is winter, however, this day certainly was a good replacement.  Enjoy the pictures and a bit of Minor Park history! 

When Marie Minor Sanborn (Mrs. Thor Sanborn) died in 1941, she willed about 200 acres of the farm that she and her husband owned just south of Kansas City, around 110th Street (Red Bridge Road) at Holmes, to the City of Kansas City as a park upon her husband’s future death. Mrs. Sanborn indicated that the park be named for her father, Dr. William E. Minor, who had owned the property and had been a surgeon in Kansas City. She also willed that the City be required to spend $2,500 annually for 10 years on the property. The acreage was located outside Kansas City’s city limits.

Thor Sanborn died in March 1956, and the property was turned over to the City on Sept. 1, 1956. Two years later, Kansas City’s city limits were extended to include the property. Work began on a golf course in 1965, and it was dedicated in June 1967. A history of the property shows that the Santa Fe Trail passed through part of what is now Minor Park. 

Bella loved being out in the beautiful weather! 

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