Five Environmentally Friendly Christmas Gifts To Give This Year

According to the 22nd Annual Holiday Survey of retail spending trends, commissioned by Deloitte, 1 in 5 consumers will purchase “eco-friendly” gifts this year. Another 17% will shop at green retailers. The buzz on global warming is spreading fast, and consumers are thinking twice about the gifts they are purchasing. The holiday season is traditionally fraught with waste. Retail packaging, wrapping papers, extra energy consumption and more contribute, this time of year, to an increase in the amount of trash in landfills and energy costs. Many of us are becoming more eco-savvy, so why not spread the word and give a nice gift at the same time? These environmentally friendly gifts are sure to please anyone!

Organic Cotton Or Hemp Pajamas

Who doesn't like a pair of super soft, super warm pajamas to put on when it's cold and snowy outside? Organic cotton and hemp are great fabrics that come from renewable sources. The fabrics are soft, yet durable, and the price for pajamas like these are very reasonable! Organic or Hemp pajamas would make an excellent gift for a teen or mom!

Organic Chocolate

Not only is dark chocolate considered good for you now, but it's even more so when it's organic! Made without pesticides or antibiotics (in the milk for milk chocolate), organic chocolate is a great gift for the sweets lover in your family. Many store brands are beginning to sell organic chocolate, but you're more likely to find it at specialty chocolate shops and special ordered on the internet.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Actually, anything bamboo makes a great gift! Bamboo is a fast growing plant that can be cut and grown over and over again. Using bamboo takes the place of traditional woods which takes much grow and replace. I found bamboo cutting boards at one store, Crate and Barrel, but there are bamboo rugs, vases, window coverings and more that will make long lasting, eco-friendly gifts.

Something For The Kids

A good way to teach children about the environment is to actually put something useful in their hands that they can see and touch. Remember Radio Flyer wagons? The company now makes the Radio Flyer Earth Wagon, made completely out of recycled plastic! Radio Flyer wagons are always a big hit with little kids, why not show them how the plastic water bottle they drink out of becomes a useful wagon, instead of trash in a landfill? For kids, what better gift to see sitting under the tree!

Solar Laptop or iPod Charger

A perfect gift for anyone on your list! Save on energy costs while you charge your favorite gadget or computer. The solar charges can be used anywhere (you'll never need a plug again) and are easy to use. Solar charges are a little on the pricey side, but can be found in stores and on line, so shop around!
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