Recipes for Warm Winter Cocktails

The January and February chill is perfect weather for warm winter cocktails with their rich flavors and the magical way they have of warming us so nicely. Why not curl up with a book and a blanket on a cold winter's night and enjoy an easy to make warm winter cocktail or serve them at your next party? Warm cocktails are not just for after dinner, in the winter they can be served to guests during the cocktail hour as well.

The best tasting warm cocktails use the best ingredients, the alcohol is properly measured and coffee or other beverages used as a mixer are prepared correctly. Gather all your ingredients and prepare your mixer first, so that it's nice and hot when you're ready to prepare and serve.
Coffee drinks are enormously popular. There are many flavored coffees, specially roasted coffees and espresso that you can use to create a warm cocktail. It's even possible to experiment with the different coffees to change the flavor of your beverages. Regardless of what coffee you are using, brew the coffee according to the directions for the best cocktails.
Spanish coffee is an amazing cocktail to have because of the wonderful aroma it creates, not to mention it's full and robust flavor. This one is a bit more complicated than most but well worth the work, especially at parties. Choose a nice set of large mugs. Slide an orange wedge around the rim and dip into sugar. Drop a dash or two of Barcardi 151 rum on the rim and light on fire to caramelize the sugar. Always do this is in a safe space with water nearby in case the flame gets out of hand. Once the sugar is caramelized, add a 1/4 ounce Cointreau and Kahlua. Pour in the coffee, add cinnamon and whip cream and your ready to enjoy!

As an alternative to the coffee drink, try making the Apple Pie. This warm winter cocktail is simple to whip up and tastes incredible. Simply warm up some fresh apple cider, add a scoop of apple butter and a shot of apple vodka. Add a bit of whip cream, and finish with a sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg. This apple pie is like no dessert you have ever had before!

For a chocolate lover there is always the Chocolate Bon Bon. Mix equal parts Kahlua, Brandy and crème de cacao. Add coffee, whipped cream and chocolate shavings to garnish. Another great drink to try is the Chocolate Bomb, prepared with crème de cocoa and chocolate vodka in equal parts then mixed with mocha coffee. Both drinks will satisfy any chocolate lovers' sweet tooth!
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