St. James, Missouri - Three Squirrels Winery Visit

So I traveled to St. James, Missouri just a few weeks back for a yearly float trip with friends.  Last year we stopped at the St. James Winery in town, so this year I wanted to try a new place.  I had never heard of Three Squirrels until I went looking for other wineries so I thought we would give it a try, and besides, the name was enough to draw me in.  

I bought the Acorn Red, a perfectly good red for a night of grilling and hanging out at the pool before we floated on Saturday.  I had it with spicy grilled chicken that night and it went very well.  For a reasonable price on the wine, I could not have picked any better! 

Acorn Red
A charming dry red table wine. Serve room temperature or slightly chilled and enjoy with your everyday meals. Don't forget the nuts!
Red Squirrel
A mild, medium bodied red wine made from the St. Vincent grape. Serve room temperature to lightly chilled with white meat, pizza, pasta, fruits and nuts.
Nutty Red
A sweet red wine with hints of berries. Serve chilled. Pairs well with cheese and nuts.
A dry, deep red wine crafted from the Missouri state grape. Full-bodied with aromas of oak, cedar, coffee and chocolate. Serve room temperature with red meat, chocolate and nuts.
Acorn White
A crisp, dry white table wine aged in stainless for an oak-free finish. Best lightly chilled. Serve with delicate fruits, cheeses and nuts.
White Squirrel
A semi-dry white table wine with hints of tropical fruits. Serve room temperature to lightly chilled by itself or with fruits, cheeses and nuts.
Nutty White
A sweet white wine with hints of tropical fruits and honey-spice flavors.  Serve chilled. Pairs well with pasta, cheese and nuts.

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