Patriotic 4th of July Cheesecake Recipe

This cheesecake is perfect for any patriotic holiday, such as President's Day, Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. What a delicious way to show your love for your country. Your family, friends, or party guests will love your delicious, All-American red, white and blue dessert!

You can also use a ready-made cheesecake. Order a New York-style cheesecake online, have it delivered to your door, and use the topping directions to decorate it!

1 (8 oz.) pkg. softened cream cheese
1 can Sweetened Condensed milk
1/3 c. lemon juice
1/2 c. sour cream
1 lg. graham cracker crust

1 cup Blueberry pie filling
1 cup Cherry pie filling
1 12 -oz. container whipped cream
Beat the cream cheese until fluffy. Add the condensed milk, stir in the lemon juice and sour cream; blend well. Chill 20 minutes; pour the mixture into pie crust. Chill for 2 hours.

Decorate the cheesecake:
You can decorate the cheesecake in any design you like.  I did the flag for this one. 
Frost the entire cheesecake with whipped cream. Be sure to reserve some of the whipped cream.
Spread the blueberry pie filling on the upper left fourth of the cake for the background for the stars.
Create stripes across the rest of the cake with the cherry pie filling, alternating stripes with the whipped cream. (You may also use strawberries, here, but the cherry filling is a particularly nice, subtle tribute to George Washington for Presidents' Day.)
Use a pastry bag to pipe whipped cream stars on the blueberry filling
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