Paola, Kansas Winery Tour - Somerset Ridge Winery

This was our second run on our winery tour of Paola, Kansas that I took with our social group last week. This is the largest winery we visited and by far had the most wines to choose from. The hospitality was at an all time high!  As soon as we got there they got us a big table and the owner herself did our pouring. 

Somerset  is well known for their sweeter wines, but I ended up bringing home an oaked Cabernet Franc.  The Cabernet Franc was a special reserve they had done this year that I found to be perfect for pairing with summer BBQ.  

They have some of the most artistic and fun wine bottle labels I have seen anywhere.  

The winery and vineyard grounds are very pretty.  They also have food available to munch on but they don't mind if you bring a picnic along.  I spotted two food trucks on site and they looked popular because the lines were long. I recommend a visit here, if anything because the service is fantastic, and the wine is very good.

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