Old Fashioned Cherry Limeade Recipe - Farmers Market Fresh Drink Series

Once again I hit up the farmers market to find some fresh fruit for a yummy summer drink. This recipe was non-alcoholic, but would easily work well with a good vodka added.  Fresh limes and cherries, which are in season right now and are tasting exceptionally sweet, were abundant at the market.  The prices were reasonable as well.  My nieces love these and make them for their friends, and they are perfect to serve at picnics or pool parties as well.   

Cherry limeades are easy to make by the pitcher. The batch I made served four but can easily be doubled.  The recipe and instructions are below..  Enjoy!! 

you need: 
1/4 cup cherries seeds removed
3 larger limes (will need one cup lime juice)
3/4 cup sugar ( I use a pinch of green sugar to add color, if I'm leaving it as limeade)
decorative green sugar (optional)

assemble all the ingredients and put a few cherries in the freezer to add as garnish later
boil one cup of water
while water boils, juice the limes until you have one cup of juice
 remove boiling water from heat and slowly add all the sugar slowly while 
whisking until sugar is completely dissolved
add the simple syrup to the lime juice and stir, pour over ice
If you like, you can serve it like this without the cherries or......
mash a handful of cherries with a spoon through a strainer, retaining the juice
Add the cherry juice to the limeade and stir
add frozen cherries and lime wedges for garnish!  

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