Farmers Market Fresh Summer Cocktails Series: Limoncello & Prosecco Raspberry Coolers

I love farmers markets.  I am lucky that Kansas City has two of them nearby that are great places to visit and shop for fresh foods.  River Market downtown is my favorite. There is a diverse mix of people, food, music and restaurants nearby, and they offer an incredible selection of produce and meats.  I decided since it's summer to take some of the best fruits I found at the market and make some great summer cocktails. This is the first in a series of four that I made that I will be posting the recipes for!  Enjoy! (recipes and tips at the end)

**here is a tip for this drink...freeze the raspberries to be added as garnish so that they help keep the drink cold!! 

you need: 
mint for garnish

assemble all the ingredients and put a few raspberries in the freezer to add as garnish later
mash/muddle a small handful of raspberries in a small container 
add one shot of Limoncello to the muddled raspberries and let sit a minute
slice lemons to add as garnish
add raspberries and Limoncello into a mason jar
add ice and fill with Prosecco
put the lid n and give it a gentle shake to mix
top with frozen raspberries and mint

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