Winery Road Trip Visit to Crooked Post Winery in Kansas

I love my road trip winery adventures, and this one was no different. Crooked Post Winery in Kansas has been a vineyard for many years, growing grapes for other wineries.  They decided to make their own wine, and have recently debuted several varieties. 

While I will admit that no one single wine stood out to me or knocked my socks off, they were generally quite good.  It was interesting to compare a new start up winery, (one that has done a pretty good job out of the gate), with the other more established wineries I have visited. I look forward to coming back again to see how they have progressed.

Crooked Post offers several types of wines, mostly whites.  The good new for me is that by 2017, they plan on having Norton and Babernet Franc grapes in the vineyard and in the bottle.  I love my reds! 

Seyval Blanc
Cayuga White
Valvin Muscat
St. Vincent

I grabbed myself the Seyval Blanc to take home with me! The wine tasting room is nice, construction is ongoing on the property to accommodate an outdoor area. 

Good wine, good friends! 

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