6 Easy Ways To Assert Yourself Socially

There's simply no denying we live in a social world, one that can be difficult to deal with for those who don't consider ourselves as outgoing extroverts. If you feel ill at ease in social environments, you may look at the people around you who seem to float through life with ease and wonder how they do it.

Even though you're not really a spotlight-grabbing extrovert, you can find ways in order to overcome the discomfort you feel in social or group situations. The more often you employ these approaches, the more you can start to feel at ease when presented with a difficult social environment.

-- Smile at people - People who are shy tend to be mistaken for being unfriendly or standoffish, when in reality they are merely uncertain about how to react when they meet new people. They're uncertain what to say or the best way to act, as a result they stay quiet and distant, possibly looking away when people approach. This makes a negative first impression on others. It means you have to work two times as hard in order to win them over. A smile, surprisingly, has a long lasting effect. Even if you don't have all of the right things to say, smiling at someone lets them know you're happy to meet them and you're welcoming. Also try smiling more on the whole. When you make eye contact with a stranger, don't immediately avert your eyes. Try smiling and very often the other person will smile right back, putting you both at ease.

-- Make eye contact - Making eye contact with people goes in tandom with smiling at them. If you're afraid, your first instinct may well be to look elsewhere when you're not comfortable, but eye contact is definitely an important part of making a connection with other people. When you don't look at the other person when conversing in conversation, it appears as if you're bored or uninterested in what they have to say. When talking with someone you need to be looking at them directly in the eye while you're speaking and while they are speaking. Remember that there is a big difference between looking at someone in the eye, and staring at them. It's okay to look away occasionally.

-- Ask questions - If you're not sure what to discuss with a new person, ask them questions about themselves. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and are often flattered that have an interest in getting to know them more. This is a good technique which will take the pressure away from you having to think about things to say. Why not ask open-ended questions that are not too intrusive or personal so the person you're talking with will feel comfortable.

-- Really pay attention - When you meet somebody attempt to remember their name for future encounters. People will certainly feel flattered that you remembered their name and information about them the very next time you cross paths. There are usually little tricks you possibly can learn in order to remember names along with other details. Associating a name with an object or a scene, for example, makes it much easier to recall.

-- Don't give up - When you first try out these strategies, you might still feel uncomfortable. That's okay! It may well take time and also practice before this starts to feel like second nature, but after some time it will certainly seem easier to interact with people the more you consciously change your approach. Like a great deal in life, the more we practice the better it becomes - and the better we get at it.
-- Consider another approach - Hypnosis has proven extremely effective in aiding people who have difficulty with social situations and can help them feel more confident and comfortable. For those struggling with social anxiety, or social phobia, hypnosis is a great treatment option.
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