Saying Goodbye Isn't Easy My Friend!

Saying goodbye is never easy, and it seems this year has been filled with many farewells.  I came to Kansas City five years ago and did not know a soul except for my father.  I joined a social group that changed my life.  I had virtually no friends in St. Louis, and was seriously living inside my head.  Because of that group, I have a "family of friends" here that I love dearly.  But there is a catch...the people in my group are often transplants and tend to move around a lot, and many are settling down and getting married or are being transferred out of KC for work. 

Working hard to help a friend on moving day! 
Needless to say I have spent the last year sending off 8 different close friends, and wished them well on their new job, their impending marriage, or their new start on life.  It's been hard.  However, so many good friends do remain here with me, and I am blessed that I have so many wonderful people in my life.  I found a poem I wanted to share with all my friends, and of course, you! It expresses how I feel about all the good people I know!! 

Often times we think
We are invincible
We think we will be around forever
We think our friends
Will be around forever
Then good bye’s come along
And forever seems so yesterday
Good bye has its true magic
It reminds me of the
Brevity of beautiful things
The savor of each moment
Then it Replicates itself
The glimmer disappears,
Leaving us with nothing to bear
Sometimes i wonder
What I would do without you
Then I realize without you
There is no me
Thanks to you I discovered who I was
Who I can become,
I bid a heartfelt farewell

And pray that you’ll
Make a mark in your world

Just like you had in mine.
Some of my fabulous friends!

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