Hiking Cave Springs Nature Center in Kansas City

So the friends and I set out this Sunday and hiked a bit at Cave Springs Nature Center in Kansas City, Mo. The weather was warm for a change but pretty windy.  We brought the dogs and set out for a nice mid morning hike.  The Nature Center property has a long and somewhat unusual history, but it's most interesting feature to me was the fact that it used to be a country club/resort and some of the ruins still remain. 

Bella is ready to roll. 

Ruins of the old cabins. 


Their website describes the park as a “A naturalist’s heaven.”  "Over 74 different varieties of flowers have been identified. The prairie grasses, cattail marsh, meadows and other areas of natural growth offer a constantly changing opportunity for nature study. The park is one of the favorite day-trip excursion areas in the metropolitan Kansas City area for science and nature enthusiasts and nearly 8000 school kids and scouts each year."

Bella takes a break. 

A bit of history from the website..

"Around 1926, the organization of the Masons were beginning to develop a country club at Cave Spring. This fell through. Urban and Gladys Kroell then purchased the land and opened ‘The Cave Spring Club’, a private country club. There was a nine hole golf course, cabins around one of the two lakes, boating, swimming, and fishing.

The Kroells’ son was the golf pro and lived in the cabin which now has the most remaining ruins. The lake extended from the Raccoon Ridge bridge east to the paved Red Bud Road, and from just north of the cabin ruins north to the Chickadee trail ridge. The swimming area is said to have been in the southwest corner of the lake. The clubhouse was large enough to play basketball in and was just south of the end point of the paved trail.

The Kroells’ son was drafted into the Navy for W.W.II and was MIA by 1943. Distraught, they closed the club. During and shortly after the war, the cabins were rented year-around to help in the housing shortage. 

The Kroells tried to reopen the club in 1948 but were unsuccessful."

A rather spooky place a times. 

We had a great time.  Check out this hiking spot here: Cave Springs Nature Center

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