What It Really Means To Care

One of the most abused and an overused word in our daily conversations is CARE. How often have you heard someone say how much they care, or what a caring person they are?

Connect with others in a personal, emotional, and comprehensive manner, getting to better know and understand the needs, desires, dreams, goals, etc., that another has and experiences.
Far too often, we build up an artificial wall in order to supposedly protect or shelter ourselves from risks and harm. However, doing so rarely does so, and unless we focus on how we connect with others, and create a personal and emotional connection, how is it possibly to meaningfully care about someone else's needs, hopes, desires and intents, as well as their points of view?

Appreciate others and their feelings, obstacles, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, perspectives, knowledge, etc.

Do you permit yourself to appreciate your personal advantages, as well as those that you come into contact with and interrelate with? Do you take the time to consider their feelings, and let them know that you appreciate all their efforts and time, as well as their actions, aspirations and intents?

Respect those you care about, treat them as you would want to be treated, and proceed in a value - oriented manner, while focusing on your own essential values and integrity.

What does respect mean to you? Do you treat others with the respect and courtesy that most of us would enjoy and appreciate being treated with? How much do you emphasize providing meaningful value to those you come into contact with? Do you consistently earn the respect of others (and your own respect) by the quality of your personal values and intents?

Empathize with them and get to know them so well that you can see things as if you are looking at them through their eyes.

Do you exhibit actual empathy by considering the feelings and situations of others, rather than solely seeing things from your perspective, and succumbing to a biased or prejudiced perspective? It is important to differentiate empathy from sympathy, because while when we sympathize we merely feel sorry for someone, when we empathize we develop an emotional connection and understanding because we put ourselves in the position to see and understand things from the perspectives of others.

To truly care for someone is a selfless act that comes from within our hearts.  It makes us human. 
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