6 Major Valentine's Day Symbols Their Meanings

You are probably very familiar with all those Valentine's Day Symbols tossed everywhere every February. But did you know the actual stories behind them? Keep reading to discover the sources as well as meanings of the various V-day symbols.

1. The Rose
What makes roses a staple every single V-day? It's simply because roses are seen as the messenger of love. Exactly how would you express your love to an individual so special? By giving her red roses. Red symbolizes profound desire, and it's said that red rose was the preferred flower of Venus.
2. The Heart
Heart reigns supreme among all symbols of this particular day. No surprise since the heart is the critical organ in preserving life, in the same way love is. In the olden days, the heart was thought to be the organ where all emotions originate from. Later on, the Valentine heart form turned to a a symbol of romance or love. It isn't known when this started though.
3. Love Knots
One of the most preferred symbols of love include the series of interlacing and rotating loops without beginning or end. That's the reason love knots are seen to represent everlasting love. Love knots are said to have originated from Ireland. In the Middle East, Islamic women expressed their love to young males by sending love knots woven in rugs.
4. Mr. Cupid
Now who is Cupid? Many people know him as being a small chubby winged boy carrying bow and arrow. In Roman mythology, Cupid stands out as the God of love and the son of Venus, the deity of love and beauty. The arrows that Cupid holds represent love along with desire, and it is said that when he strikes you with one, you will quickly fall in love.
5. Laces, Frills, and Ribbons
These are symbols associated with Valentine's Day as well. In the old times, a knight would wear a lace or a ribbon granted to him by his beloved before he would go to the battleground. Another tale clarifies how laces have grown to be the symbol for love. Since hundreds of years ago, laces were used for making handkerchiefs for females. A female who likes a male would likely drop her hanky purposely, hoping that the man would pick it up for her.
6. Love Birds
Found in Africa, these adorable, colorful birds are referred to as love birds because they sit closely to one another and seem to never be apart, in the same way lovers do. Furthermore, a lot of people assume that love birds can't live long without their partners. Besides love birds, doves as well as swans are well-known representations of pure love and devotion.

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