Midwest Winery Tour: Pirtle Winery and Jowler Creek

Well, we did it again this past weekend.  Another wonderful wine tour was planned, this time for the Weston, Missouri area wineries.  Our first stop was Pirtle winery, known for producing several types of mead.  I will say that it is quite good.  I expected it to be sweet and heavy, but instead found it to be smooth and crisp.  I purchased a bottle of white wine , pretty unusual for me, but the Citrine instantly reminded me of summer and I could not pass getting a bottle. It's going to be the perfect accompaniment to a summer bbq. 

I love the interior of the Pirtle tasting room.  Lots of space and light! 

Jowler Creek winery was also on our tour.  They were hosting a comparative tasting  between French Oak reds and American Oak reds. The winner for me was any one of the French Oaks!

Our final stop was not for wine, but for a tour of Weston Brewery and a sample of the many brews the produce.  It was an excellent day spent making new friends and spending time with old friends, and enjoying the many fruits of the Missouri countryside!

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