Road Trip to Riverwood Winery in Missouri

Saturday was a very full day last week.  As many of you know, I belong to a rather large social group here in Kansas City.  We took full advantage of a sunny day to head out to Atchison, Kansas and start the day at Extreme Underground Sports playing laser tag and climbing rock walls.  As you also may know, I am also a huge fan of local wines, so it was a nice surprise to come across Riverwood Winery in Rushville.  On the way back home after the games, we stopped at Riverwood to try the wines.  The sweetest surprise was the mulled blueberry wine with  cinnamon and orange zest.  It's likely the best hot drink I have had all year! From there it was on to a wine tasting party (see the pics below!) that squared off Missouri and a few Kansas wines against several from Oklahoma.  My favorites? As always, a Missouri Chambourcin won out, and it was the Riverwood that did it for me! 

the vineyards (to the right) at Riverwood
For me, a cabernet is my go to wine for casual sipping.  But the Missouri Chambourcin of late, and my favorite red of all time, the Hermansberger from Stone Hill, have quickly surpassed my usual cabernet as a go to wine.  This year, I had a 2010 Chambourcin (award winning of course) from Stone Hill that completely blew my socks off.  I am by no means any kind of wine connoisseur and my palate has been somewhat destroyed over the years, but I know a good wine when I taste one.  I know what I like and what to look for as far as  flavor.  Dark cherry, plums, and oak flavors tend to wake up my palate more than any other kind of wine.  I'll also give a nod to another great wine I had this year, the St. Vincent red from Holy-Field winery in Kansas, where I visited with the group earlier this year.  What's ahead?  A planned wine tour in Hermann, Missouri for Wurstfest in March, and I can't wait! Enjoy the photos!

heading in to try it out and friends being silly

the wine bar

Chardonel from Riverwood Winery

likely debating the merits of Missouri wines
the first pour

discussing the latest reds from Oklahoma

keeping  busy with the sample pours

a buffet of local Missouri, Oklahoma and one or two Kansas wines

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