Crochet Popcorn Stitch How -To

The popcorn stitch is a fancy stitch that can be used to add extra texture to just about any crochet project. It works up great in a regular worsted weight yarn as well as in a finer crochet thread. Although the stitch is considered to be an intermediate stitch, it is actually very easy to make. If you are comfortable making a double crochet stitch, then you are ready to take on the popcorn stitch.

To make the popcorn stitch, you will need to crochet about 3 to 5 double crochet stitches into any given chain or stitch. Then remove the hook from the loop and re-insert it into the first double crochet stitch made in that group. Pick up the dropped loop again and pull it through the first double crochet. This pulls the first and last stitches together forcing the ones in the center to raise.

There are basically two ways to make the popcorn stitch. The most common way is to place the popcorn (raised side) at the front of the work. This is achieved by working the double crochet stitches as normal. The hook is then inserted from the front of the fabric in order to pull the dropped loop through from the back. In order to place the popcorn at the back, which is known as the reverse popcorn stitch, the hook is inserted from the back of the work in order to pull the dropped loop through.

Both methods are fairly easy to make, and can be mastered in a few minutes. That is after the basics have been mastered.

The popcorn stitch is one of my favorite crochet stitches. I don't know why, but I just find them fun and easy to make. In addition, they also add a nice touch to the finished project. I have used it in quite a few of my crochet designs and hope to use the stitch in many more to come.

The stitch looks particularly nice in afghans when surrounded by other textured or cabled stitches. At the same time, it is also a good stitch for smaller projects. The raised bump helps to create a nice thick fabric, which makes it perfect for hot pads and placemats.

When used correctly, you can also incorporate the popcorn stitch into clothing articles, as well as many home decor projects. It would look lovely when used as a border on a sweater or a shawl.

Hope you enjoy the stitch as much as I do.


Step 1: Make a shell/fan by doing 5 dc in the next stitch.
Note: For a bigger or smaller popcorn, use more or less dc’s.
Step 2: Pull some extra slack on the last loop once you finish your final dc and remove your crochet hook.
Step 3: Insert your hook into the first dc of your shell/fan.
Step 4: Insert your hook back into the loop from your last dc and tighten it down.
Step 5: Pull the loop through the first dc on your hook and pull tight.
Step 6: Ch 1 to lock in place.
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