Sunday Hiking and Found Treasures

So I headed out hiking this past Sunday, something I have been wanting to do for quite sometime.  I used to hike and walk/explore all the time back in St. Louis, but here in Kansas City I have not hit the area hiking spots like I should have since I moved here.  

The weather was cold and the day bright, but it was easy to stay warm once we got moving.  My favorite part was the two white tailed deer that ran past so close I could feel the ground shake from their hooves! I also challenged myself to creep near the edge of one of the many bluffs despite my fear of open heights, and did some serious rock skipping.  

Going off trail was fun since we managed to find dump sites for the old farm properties that no longer exist.  I added a few old bottles and a small cup to my found objects collection, and of course I couldn't help but wonder about the people who had once owned these things many years ago. 

Weirdest thing I saw all day? A group of flower pots nailed to the top of a cedar tree.  9 In all, in the middle of nowhere, off-trail. Why on earth were those there?  I also spotted a large hawk, beautiful white sycamore ghost trees, and an odd chair sitting alone in the middle of the river bed.

My collection of found items on the walk. Ball jars, railroad spikes, acorns and more. Do you collect found items?  Comment below on your favorite found items!! 

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