Journal Writing and Procrastination Problems

I look back at my Grandma Hart's life, and realize how much I don't know about her.  I would have loved to find a journal or diary of hers when we cleaned out her things.  She lived a quiet simple life as a housewife, but I suspect there was more to it than what we saw.  She was a crafter and artist who made the best knitted and crocheted blankets, slippers, and scarves I have ever had the pleasure of owning.  Her work was well known for quality. I would have loved to learn more about that, but that little journal was not there to be found. 

I love my journal. It acts as a gentle, friendly reminder that we need to nurture our goals consistently if we want them to flourish, much like we need to water plants every day if we want them to blossom. The problem is that journaling itself is a habit, and my procrastination around other habits and goals apply just as well to my journaling practice.
I came up with a few tips for myself to get back on track with my  journaling and make it a habit. 
1. Stop writing before you are ready to stop. Leave the activity while you are still wanting more of it. This will help you to return to it tomorrow.
2. Another crucial step in making journaling a well-established habit for your life is to be sure you reflect on the journaling process itself, as well as on your previous writings. Reflection will give you appreciation, inspiration, and continued dedication. If you fail to review things now and then, you can easily underestimate your achievements and miss altogether the profound magic of the practice. Likely it will give you the motivation to continue. Once you journal every day because it's part of your lifestyle, you can use the tool as a daily dose of focus for achieving other goals.
3. At the beginning of each week, write down one goal for the next seven days. Pick only one so it is more manageable and not overwhelming.
4. Each day, set aside five or ten minutes to reflect on your goal for the week and jot down notes on your progress. You won't have major news or breakthroughs every day, but write down even the smallest ideas, victories, and questions.
You can keep at it, even if it gets tough at times, because your journaling keeps you in line by providing proper perspective. Your journal is your coach, who believes in you and never lets you down. This one powerful habit can command all other personal habits and make us at last into the person we want to be.
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