Grape Picking at Holyfield Winery

Anyone who knows me knows that I love wine.  I also love great weather and really good friends, so I combined them all on a recent social outing to a fantastic local winery, Holy-Field Winery and Vineyard. We went for "Picking Sunday," where guests are let loose in the vineyard to fill bucket after bucket of ready to harvest grapes of all kinds. 

We then got to watch the crushing process after picking! Of course I favored the reds and brought a few bottles home! They have a beautiful vineyard, and the owners are passionate about their business, and create delicious wines right in Kansas! They were also fantastic hosts. I loved the wine tasting and the gift shop that had the perfect set of wine glasses I wanted.  Here is the link to their site if you are interested in stopping by! Holy-Field Winery

Resting on the porch after grape picking in the sun

wall of awards!! 

of course we had to do the wine tasting! 

my social group friends waiting to get started on in the vineyard

grape crushing!! 

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