Grandmothers, Sewing, and Drawstring Bags

I spent the last few years perfecting my crochet skills, because one of my grandmothers' was incredible at it.  Now, I'm learning to sew in honor of my other grandmother, a fantastic seamstress.  I remember  the dining room table covered in patterns, the stacks and rolls of fabric that filled her basement completely, and going with her to the sewing store at the mall where she worked.  Her biggest claim to fame?  She sold two of her own pattern designs to Vogue! 

 Now, I'm learning to sew in honor of my grandmother.  My own personal attempts at sewing, up until now, have been a dismal failure.  I think as a child I never had the patience for it. In high school, in the eighties, I took home economics, and attempted to sew a terry cloth jacket.  It was ugly to begin with, and I sewed it badly.  But now, I love sewing!! I got a hold of a couple of easy beginner patterns and worked my way through them. Each success encouraged me to move on to the next project!   

For these drawstring bags, I grabbed several fat quarters, and decided to use recycled white pillowcases for the lining.  I was able to get a whole stack of them for .50 a piece, already cleaned and pressed from the local thrift store. I used a pattern from Jeni Baker at In Color Order.  I put a link below to her site to get the pattern.  

my little workspace! 

I have decided to put these in the new shop here that we are constructing here: 
They will be available Oct. 12!! 

Here is the link to get you started on these if you would like to try them out yourself!

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