10 Wonderful Ways to Ignite Your Creativity

Each of us is born with a unique set of talents and gifts.
Whether you paint, write, sculpt, dance, compose, sing or play music... whether you're an entrepreneur or an aspiring leader in your field... or looking to be more fulfilled in your chosen profession...
When you get your creative juices flowing you feel more alive. When you express yourself in some creative fashion, you feel more joyous, fulfilled and free. We are all born to create and be creative.

 With that said, here are some wonderful ways to help you get those juices flowing...
  1. Connect to the place of wonder and awe within - Play with Crayons and let your inner child out. Watch the sunset. Find the awesomeness and wonderfulness in life. Creative inspiration will follow.

  2. Let go of any "conscious" agendas - Getting out of your own way can spark the creative impulse. Be guided by your intuition or "Higher Self" and allow the creative spirit to move through you.

  3. De-Clutter - While "creative types" may have a knack for messiness, clutter can block the flow of your creative juices. Do a Spring Cleaning regardless of the month of the year!

  4. Get out in nature - Nothing like majestic mountains, towering evergreens or an expansive ocean to stir the heart and inspire a creative burst. Take a walk, a hike, a jog, a bike ride or a drive through nature and your creativity will blossom.

  5. Listen to great music - Music adds color and dimension to life. Play one of the great classical pieces or any other music that inspires you and unleash your creative genius!

  6. Follow your bliss - Passion is the essence of creativity. It's what gets you up in the morning and keeps you going all day long. Focus on what you're passionate about and ignite your creative fires.

  7. Dance as if no one's watching - Dancing is a great way to move energy. If you're feeling stuck or in a rut, get your groove on! Pretend no one's watching... even that part inside you that may think the whole idea is just plain stupid. Rekindle the fun.

  8. Watch an inspirational movie - Inspirational movies connect you with your heart wherein creativity is given birth. Make some popcorn and rent a good movie this weekend!

  9. Break for beauty - Find beauty in your surroundings... in the opening of a flower, the setting of the sun or a star-filled sky. Take beauty breaks throughout the day and reconnect with what inspires you.

  10. Unplug - Turn off the cell phone and television. Leave your inbox alone. Decompress from the constant bombardment of our hi-tech world. Find your creative center and live from that place.

    1. Bonus Idea - Meditate. Take some time each day to meditate. You can sit in mindful silence... focus on a "mantra" or phrase... or even do a walking meditation. However you choose, meditation can help you stay connected to the inner source of your creativity and vitality.

    2. Bonus Idea - Gratitude. Overwhelm and stress are creativity-killers. Sometimes just thinking about all the things you are grateful for in life can lift the fog and weight of your concerns. You'll feel more free to be the creative, magnificent person you are meant to be..
    Life can be a creative adventure... even when the path is rocky or the road ahead is unclear. Use these suggestions to help unlock and ignite your creative genius. As a wise person once said, the journey is the destination.
    Here's to making it a creative journey!

    Lawrence Neal Katzman is an artist, writer and visionary spirit, whose art is inspired by love, beauty and the cosmos. He paints and writes about lost civilizations, ancient wisdom and the quest for love. You can view his art at http://www.theartmystic.com.
    Lawrence's beautiful soulmates art is featured in his eBook, "101 Soulmates Quotes", which you can download for free by visiting: http://www.101soulmatesquotes.com/.

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