Tutorial: Accordion Journal Books for The New Year

My year did not start well.  On New Year Day I started a fever, and by the following day was in so much pain, I attempted to drive myself to the hospital, but unfortunately blacked out on the way there.  I was taken by ambulance where it was discovered I had a horrible kidney infection and a morphine drip was ordered. I have recovered nicely however, and I’m back to my usual crafty ways. 

I have been thinking about journaling and scrapbooking as of late, because I recently fell in love with Smashbooks, a scrapbook targeted to teens that lets you “smash” your life into a book.  These are a little too imature for me, so I thought I would put together something a little more elegant.  I plan to “smash” my life into the books with pictures, ticket stubs, sketches, notes, cards and more to chronicle this coming year. 

These books are easy to make.  Supplies include fabric, ribbon, fabric glue, scissors, glue stick, paper and chipboard.  Cutting the chipboard is difficult unless you have the proper trimmer, but you can buy precut Chip Board at the craft store.  The paper should be a good cardstock.  

Once the board is ready, cut the paper for the filler.  It is easier to first cut the paper to about ¼” smaller than the board.  Make score marks where you want your fold to be.  It may be necessary to attach two pieces together to get a long enough accordion fold.

Spread fabric glue on one side of the board and glue to the fabric.  Smooth out any wrinkles.  

Cut corners off of the fabric as pictured below.  Do not cut fabric right up against the board, instead allow for about ¼” of fabric to extend from the corners. 

Next, use the glue stick to coat the inside portion of the book, completely covering the board. 

Cut a ribbon with enough legth to wrap around book and tie it closed.  Lay the ribbon down first, across the chipboard.  Then place the accordion folded paper over the ribbon and press down firmly to glue.  

Do the same thing again with the remaining board, except you will not need a ribbon for this side.  Once the paper is glued to the second board, wrap the bow around and tie it.  This will hold the book tight while it dries.

VOILA! A sophisticated accordion journal that will help me track the special moments of 2013!

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