Yes You Can Paint an Upholstered Chair!

When I first saw this DIY project online I could not believe that you could actually do this! But it can be done and the result was amazing.  The price to reupholster the chair was close to $625.00, but the price to paint it was less than $12.00.  The total time to finish the project was about 5 hours, excluding the overnight drying time between coats of the paint. Be sure to check out the link to the full tutorial at the bottom of the post if you want to try it yourself, I followed her instructions to the letter and got a beautiful result!

The finished product! (the white spots are from sunlight reflecting in the  room)
There is a story behind this chair.  I had wanted a wing back chair for a long time but they were pricey.  Then I saw the tutorial for the painted chair and knew I had to get one to re-do. I had looked for about
a half a day before I walked into a local thrift store and there it sat.  The perfect  Hickory upholstered wing back chair, in perfect condition except for the ugly fabric, was only $50.00, so of course I grabbed it!

A couple of highlights from the project:

Extra coats of paint may be needed when painting  a patterned chair like the one I used.
It is very important to let the coats of paint dry before applying another, and to apply the paint evenly for the best result.  

I love the chair, it's comfy to sit on, and once dried, the paint will not run, or stain clothing.  It's perfectly safe to sit on!

Here are a few highlights on the process:

This project uses everyday latex paint mixed in the proper ratio with fabric medium.

After all coats of paint have been applied, the chair will require sanding.  It sounds odd to to have to sand fabric, but it truly makes the surface smooth.  Without sanding the fabric is slightly stiff, but regains that nice soft fabric feel once it is sanded smooth.

Check out the full tutorial here: Painted UpholsteryTutorial by Hyphen Interiors

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