One Month Until Christmas? Really?

 Yes, it’s true, it’s one month until Christmas.  I feel like I just wrapped up Halloween and Thanksgiving has become lost somewhere in between.  This year it looks as though I will be spending Thanksgiving alone in KC this year, which I am starting to think would be a very good idea.  Three days with nothing to do? I can’t imagine what that is like!

 I started my yearly ritual of making my own Christmas cards, and as usual I started with a simple card and some ready-made embellishments.  I usually make the more complex cards closer to the holidays after I have more time to plan them out.  I wanted to show that it’s easy to put together cards of yourown even if you’re pressed for time or short on supplies. 

 I used JoLeen’s embellishments, regular cardstock, a rubber stamp, and a gluestick to put these together.  I also used blank notecards that are pre-cut with envelopes, which also speeds up the process. 

Two cards done and ready to go! Once I got the supplies together, it took 15 minutes to put them together.  Now, being a month from Christmas doesn't seem that bad!

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