color and cards!

This is an example of a project that morphed into something crafty.  I had been planning colors for the back bedroom, going with the color blue that was already on the walls.  I even laid out a design board with some of the fabric I wanted to use for pillows and a few other paint colors I wanted to use to redo some old furniture.  What to do with the left over fabric? I discovered that Wonder Under fabric adhesive works just as well on paper as it does on fabric, and since I had a craft show coming up I made cards out of them.  They sold well! It's as easy as ironing the Wonder Under to the paper, and then ironing on the fabric!


Two big tips for those of you who want to try this:  Do not use a steam setting or the paper will wrinkle, and be sure to carefully measure the fabric piece for the top of the card.
It's faster if you buy pre-cut cards with envelopes.  I chose to cover the whole card, but you can always cut shapes or designs as well.  If you look at the picture above, you'll see I also made circle gift tags that are blank on the back.  I think they will look great attached to a gift!

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