Crafters: How to Organize and Store Your Leftover Paper Scraps

Paper crafters everywhere have faced the frequent dilemma of how to properly use leftover paper scraps. Patterned paper and cardstock are expensive materials that many crafters hate to go to waste. A simple way to encourage yourself to use your leftover paper scraps is by having the pieces organized so that you can find the colors, themes, or patterns that you are looking for quickly and easily.

One of the first things a paper crafter needs to decide on is an effective way to catalog your paper scraps. The easiest way to keep your scraps organized is through storing the paper based on both color and theme.

For instance, keeping all of your red and pink colored scraps together will make it so much easier to find in the future. So if are making Valentine's Day or anniversary greeting cards, then you may take a peek at your leftover red and pink scraps to see if you can use any of them. The same goes for other colors as well.

If you have patterned paper, then you might consider storing them by their most prominent color, especially if the patterned paper does not have a particular theme.

Organizing by theme is also a good way to make effective use of your scraps. For instance, all of your holiday scraps can be kept together, so when the holidays roll around, you will have all your holiday themed paper scraps in one convenient spot.

Here are some ideas on how to store your organized paper scraps:

Accordion Files

Accordion files are excellent for storing paper crafts. Each section can be labeled for a different color or theme. Accordion files are also great because they will keep your paper scraps secure and they are easy to transport if you might need to bring your paper to a craft party or other paper crafting event.

One drawback to accordion files is that they usually only contain about 12-13 slots to use. So you may be limited to how many different categories you can assign your paper scraps. Although if you enjoy keeping your stockpile of crafting goods to a minimum, then a limit on how much you can keep could be a good reminder for you to always look for creative ways to use your scraps.

Manila Folder

Manila folders are also great ways to store your paper crafts. When using manila folders, it is a good idea to seal up the edges using tape or a thin strip of glue; this will ensure that your paper scraps will be secure and not fall out through the sides of the folder.

Manila folders often have a tab at the top where you can write a description of what types of paper scraps you are storing. Also, manila folders can easily be stored in a file cabinet and more folders can be added if you find your collection growing. Aside from paper scraps, manila folders can be a great way to store extra die-cuts, stickers, and other flat embellishments.

Plastic Sleeves

Plastic sleeves are another easy way to store your paper crafts. Plastic sleeves are awesome because they are clear which will make viewing your paper much easier. Plastic sleeves can be put into a three-ring binder so that your paper scraps will be organized, secured, and easy to transport. Another benefit to plastic sleeves is that you can add more sleeves if you find your collection of paper scraps growing.

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